Call for papers

CNES is deeply involved in the definition, development and operations of experiments implemented onboard the International Space Station and the A310 ZERO-G and ground based related experiments. CNES is supporting European, International or French customers and institutions. This international workshop offers a unique opportunity to a wide community of space users to present ongoing experiments, major results acquired in the past 3 years as well as planned future activities in these areas.

Sessions, discussions and round tables will set the pace for the future of human spaceflight, space sciences and exploration.

Experts involved in human spaceflight, space sciences and exploration are invited to submit a summary for a candidate oral presentation or a poster communication.

Working language

Working language is English.


Topic 1: Proxima: Thomas Pesquet’s mission

Topic 2: Parabolic flights

Topic 3: Human spaceflights

Topic 4: Life science

Topic 5: Physical science

Topic 6: Fundamental physics

Topic 7: Astrobiology

Topic 8: Life support and technology for exploration

Topic 9: Education and outreach


Abstract Guidelines

All abstracts must be submitted in English and must include:


Authors surnames and first names

Postal and email addresses

An abstract should not exceed one A4 page (maximum) – Minimum half A4 page

Font: Times New Roman – Size: 10 – Line spacing: single

Tables are allowed

To help papers selection, the text of the abstract should as much as possible clearly describe innovative contents with respect to the topics.  Results that will be presented during the conference must be clearly identified.

The abstract will circulate to program committee members for review and selection.

Create account

In order to submit an abstract, you will have to create an account.

The « Submit abstract » button in your personal homepage allows you to:

  • submit an abstract
  • view the uploaded abstract
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  • increase or decrease the rank of a co-author


Abstract Submission oral/poster

Abstracts (PDF format) should only be submitted online on the Conference website.

Please use the same account (access code) for any additional submissions.

If you wish to make any corrections to an already submitted abstract or if you wish to submit other abstracts, you should use your personal access codes up until the submission deadline.

Abstract sent by email will NOT be accepted.


Specifications for the Electronic File Format

The abstract MUST be submitted as a PDF-file. Scanned PDF-files are not allowed. The files must be created using a PDF-distiller, all fonts must be embedded.

The file may NEITHER contain any form of security, NOR bookmarks, links or multiple files in a single PDF file.

Please note that your PDF file must not exceed 3MB.

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